Your daily big purse to carry in your shopper with everything you may need: hand sanitizers, tampons, lipsticks, little note book and glasses.
After 6pm it becomes your winter night clutch. It can also be the fanciest iPad cover.
Available in two color combo: red, black and grey or pink, bordeaux and cream white.
Handmade from 100% Merino wool.


How to take care:
You do not need to wash your knit as often as other fibers because it is naturally odor-resistant and it come back to the original shapes once you wear it.
If you need to refresh it we suggest to hand wash the knit and to lay down the item on a dry towel and let them dry flat, naturally away from direct sunlight. Do not tumble dry.
If it is wrinkled after dying, you can steam it lightly with a press cloth for protection.
You can remove the the pills or bobbles from your knit with a fabric shaver

Dear #DAgirls (and boys), 2021 is finally here! We thought a lot if join the sale season, despite of the though year we are (hopefully) leaving behind.
At the end we decided YES! This is for you, for our artisans, for our wool suppliers both having the hardest time due to the Covid-19 we are, unfortunately, all familiar about. For you, to let you be able to buy one of our hand made pieces, for our local artisans to give them work, to our wool supplier to help them breed the animals.
To give everybody something to smile in this new year!

Beauty needs time, doesn’t it? It takes up to 15 days to hand made this beautiful piece and that’s what makes us different. Waiting for something makes it more special and it is totally worth it, trust us!