Dunia Algeri Atelier is a Milan-based luxury handmade knitwear brand, which came to life in 2015 with the goal to link the past and present in its products. The rich history and craftsmanship of 100% hand knitting finds its perfect partner in Baby Alpaca, a fine and more unknown fibre, ready to take on the future.

We believe in timeless key pieces that can be worn with about anything and are real wardrobe staples you will never want to miss. We do not believe in fast fashion and want to create unique custom-made pieces that are entirely handmade just for you. We are committed to sending you only the finest products that are made with the highest quality baby alpaca and the knowledge of Italian craftsmanship.

When you touch and wear our 100% handmade products, we want you experience the softness of the baby alpaca, as well as the effortless fit that will take the sophistication of your outfit to the next level. The best things in life need time: it takes up to 30 hours for an item to be hand knitted and it is entirely made by one of our artisans. You will never find two identical items, this is why our products are unique. We always choose quality over quantity and we make each sweater just for you; the garments are indeed made to order.


Our products are designed and handcrafted in Italy with Alpaca wool directly from Perù. The Alpaca wool we use is sourced with a commitment to minimize any impact on the world we live in. Alpaca are good for the environment, because they graze without destroying root system and they drink less water than other wool-yielding animals like goats.

Our supplier made the decision to open an Alpaca breeding farm in early 1800 to improve the genetics of the alpaca through education of better breeding practices for smaller farmers, who own the majority of the animals. DAA is committed to selling humanely sourced Alpaca from trusted, ethically responsible suppliers. Our aim is to send you a beautiful, cozy, timeless and eco friendly sweaters.

Our commitment for a minimized ecological footprint is the reason why, besides the sustainable Alpaca, we use eco cotton for the storage bags and recycled paper.