Dunia Algeri is a young Italian brand

founded in 2016 in Milan.

The idea of Dunia Algeri comes from “nonna Giulia”, the paternal grandmother who was a knitter from the town of Pedrengo, province of Bergamo, in the Sixties.
She was the one who started this wonderful history of feminine entrepreneurship, with her manual loom thanks to which she was able to create artisan sweaters for friends and acquaintances.



Today this passion is still alive

and has allowed Dunia to launch a luxury brand that contrasts with the philosophy of fast fashion that the best things in life need time.

Every sweater requires approximately thirty hours of manufacture by the same hand, resulting in an unmistakable esthetic harmony. Dunia Algeri has chosen exclusivity and a “made to order” artisan production over series and fast fashion couture.