Baby Alpaca

The baby alpaca is an incredible fiber that possesses the virtues of all other fibers: the softness of cashmere, the lustre of mohair, the silkiness of angora and the durability of merino wool. The name “baby” doesn’t mean that the wool comes from new born, but instead that the fiber is exceptionally fine. Aside from being very thin (21.5 micron), it is extremely soft, light, durable and even hypoallergenic. The alpaca is sheared by hand once a year during the warm season, directly in Perù. Baby alpaca wool is up to seven times warmer than classic wool because the single fibers act as thermal isolators, keeping the body warm by protecting it from the cold. It’s also a very elastic and resistant fiber compared to other more common materials. 

The wool of the handmade clothing designed by Dunia Algeri Atelier is purchased from trusted ethical suppliers  in Peru, who started as animal farmers in the beginning of the 1800s and then became genuine establishments through didactic activity with single breeders: with the aim of improving the alpaca genes through the creation of better breeding conditions, they educate farmers on how to care for the animal, from feeding to shearing, so that they may obtain the highest quality wool.

Merino Wool

Wool is 100% natural grown year-round by Australia’s 68 million sheep, consuming a simple blend of water, air, sunshine and grass.

At microscopic level, each Merino wool fibre is like a coiled spring that returns to its natural shape after being bent. This gives Merino wool garments a natural resistance to wrinkles.
Merino wool is one of the most breathable fibres. Wool fibres can absorb large quantities of moisture vapour then move it away to evaporate into the air. n contrast to synthetics, Merino wool is an active fibre that reacts to changes in body temperature. So it helps you stay warm when the weather is cold, and cool when the weather is hot.

Merino wool fibres are extremely fine, enabling them to bend far more than traditional, coarser wool fibres. This makes Merino wool feel soft and luxuriously gentle next to your skin.